Articulate the vision, communicate the vision, set your managers up to win, be the leader you want to be.

(We take care of the 'set your managers up to win' part)

We're Gryphon Leadership Group

We build managers' ability to have a direct and positive impact on the productivity, profitability, and energy of a growing company.

In other words, we help ensure that you have the right person in the manager role, equip them with the capacity and capabilities to succeed, and set them up to win.

For example, the manager is more than just a role to distribute leadership & responsibility across the organization. A successful manager is a person who knows how to take the vision and lead, communicate, and lay the groundwork to ensure the business gets there.

We help companies identify, equip, and empower managers, so that the business can be more productive, profitable, and grow with greater speed.

Our Clients

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The Gryphon Leadership Group Adapt. Align. Accelerate. model is the foundation upon which we deliver results.

Leadership & Management Coaching

1-on-1 focused guidance.

High Performance Team Building

Group facilitation of learning & growth experiences.

Strategic Business Advising

A long-term holistic & people-centered approach to business growth.

Gryphon Management Certificate

Our signature 5-week intensive manager training program.

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Invest in Yourself & Your Managers

The book, Adapt. Align. Accelerate.: The Proven Growth Framework for Managers Leading High Performance Teams, is now available for purchase as a Amazon Kindle eBook.

Click here to purchase it now!

You Are Not Alone

"Stephen has helped radically transform my company over the last 4 years. We have restructured completely to unlock growth and potential. Coaching our new leaders with tools for emotional resilience has put everyone into a better spot. I am getting more results with less chaos. Even though the companies are growing, I am healthier than ever and have more time. His training and presentation skills allowed us to implement a coaching and performance culture that will serve us for many years to come."
    - Wim K., CEO, Kerkhoff Technologies, Inc.

"Stephen was the right choice for our manager's conference! I appreciated how Stephen carefully curated his presentation and his words, and how he clearly tailored his leadership wisdom to our context and our people. Our managers and leaders left feeling encouraged and uplifted!"
     - Karyn S., CEO, Communitas Supportive Care Society

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