Our Belief
A cornerstone of a healthy and productive society is healthy and impactful businesses. And, the key to the growth of businesses is healthy and productive managers.

Our Vision
To facilitate the growth of 500 early-stage businesses to become mid-market enterprises by 2030.

Our Mission
To help companies identify, equip and empower managers, so that the business can be more productive, profitable, and grow with greater speed.

Our Passion (Aligning Our Vision & Mission)
Our experience has taught us two things: 1) there is a very large gap between what a leader envisions for the business and the ability of managers to implement that vision; and 2) the number one indicator of business success is a manager's ability to attract and lead a high performing team. So, we work close that gap and to equip managers with the leadership capabilities to attract and lead high performing teams. Doing those things will result in the healthy growth of the business.

Our CEO & Founding Partner

In his early twenties, Stephen Pasiciel landed what he thought was going to be the career he'd have for the rest of his life. What he couldn't have predicted was the number of incredibly smart and humble leaders he'd meet, who challenged him to think big, to challenge the status quo, and to highly value the development of leaders.

Through their mentorship, he's enjoyed a career full of variety, adventure, and learning; and what he's learned is that there

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are three keys to career and business success - the ability to adapt to change, the need for leaders to be aligned on the direction of the business, and how important execution is.

Through speaking, coaching, training and consulting, Stephen helps small businesses become mid-market enterprises. Through the strategic management consulting firm, Gryphon Leadership Group, he does this by equipping organizations to adapt to new challenges, align on their strategy, people and culture, and accelerate to success. Throughout his career, he's enjoyed leading this type of change in these types of organizations, so he understands how to accomplish this so the business can make the impact it is intended to make - spoiler alert...this growth is accomplished when managers are skilled at successfully leading high performance teams.

Stephen has over 20 years of experience in business leadership roles, over 20,000 hours of coaching experience, and over 5000 hours of training and facilitation experience. As a consultant, close to a hundred businesses - from American Express, to Shell Oil, to HCLTech, to local early-stage companies - and hundreds of leaders across the globe have given him the privilege of being their guide as they navigated the pain of change to move toward sustainable growth.

When Stephen's not working, he loves riding motorcycles, trail running, mentoring, and meeting new people with big vision.

Our Values

Here are some of the things that are important to us - what we're passionate about & what we value - and we love working with people who share the same:

Radical Generosity

Give lavishly, above and beyond what is comfortable or even sensible.

Constant Gratitude
Look for reasons to be thankful, then express them.

Mutual Trust
Earn respect, and always have your team's back.

Authentic Connection
Be real, be truthful, be humble, be a friend.

Legacy Thinking
Do everything for the benefit of who's next.

Boundless Adventure
Embrace opportunities and risk, and follow through with conviction.

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Domains of Expertise

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People & Talent Development
Role search, new team member integration, and organization optimization.
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Corporate Culture Establishment
Culture integration during mergers & acquisitions, establishing cross-functional teams, and succession planning.
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High Performance Team Building
Communication, trust, role clarity, and conflict management.
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New Manager Training
A combination of emotional intelligence, leadership development, coaching, and training.
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Emotional Intelligence
Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness & relationship management are hallmarks of a high-performance culture.
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Change Management
Change is not only inevitable but necessary for personal & company growth. We give you tools to weed through the fear & challenges associated with changes of any kind.
Together, let's create & follow a clear path to be the organization you can be & that the world deserves.
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