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Using the eBook Adapt. Align. Accelerate.: The proven growth framework for managers leading high performance teams as a source, the Gryphon Management Certificate is based on two workplace experiences.

First - generally speaking, managers were promoted to their role because they were the best-performing technician and, therefore, likely not equipped to do the job of manager.

Second - there is very little resource (time, energy or knowledge) the business can commit to adequately prepare their managers to succeed.

We have developed this program to fast-track managers' learning & preparation, so they be effective sooner.

For Leaders & Managers at Early-Stage Companies

The Gryphon Management Certificate is designed for leaders and managers of companies that are past the start-up phase, have a proven product or service, and people on the team. The program is geared toward increasing the capacity, capabilities, and effectiveness of managers, so they can lead high performing teams.

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What You'll Accomplish

The bar for starting and completing the program is low - anyone who is in a management role in an early-stage business and in any industry can enroll. The bar for implementing what you take away is as high as you set it. At the very least, you can expect to leave the program with the following:

Increased Productivity
Better workers and better managers explain between a quarter and half of the link between good management and productivity (Harvard Business Review).

Increased Company Profit Companies that invest significantly in training per manager can see an average of 24% more profit than companies that don't (HR Magazine).

Increased Energy
The greater the investment in a manager's time and energy, the result is a quicker movement toward the manager and the business achieving their goals.

The Gryphon Experience

Alongside other like-minded leaders and managers, you will elevate your capacity and capability in a structured, proven process.

Proven Process to Learn & Grow
Based on over 20 years of experience, and updated frequently based on global feedback.

Highly Structured & Guided Experience clear growth sprints with weekly deliverables, and a program designed to reduce complexity and help you focus.

Feedback & Accountability
In addition to the regular program, you get 2 free coaching sessions and access to wisdom and experience of the Gryphon Management Certificate cohort

Gryphon Management Certificate Modules

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When the business grows, leadership needs to be distributed to competent managers who can implement the vision. Gryphon Leadership Group is well positioned, and the Gryphon Management Certificate is designed to equip people to be exceptional managers which will directly result in the growth of the business.

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